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Tanagers Bounce Back Against Bolton-Warrensburg

By Alexis Sesselman

The Hartford Soccer team bounced back Thursday after their loss against Lake George and took the 4-2 win over Bolton-Warrensburg in Adirondack League Soccer.

With strong offense and defense in the first half Hartford took an early lead, 3-0. Logan Reynolds scored the first goal unassisted.

Following that, Cody Baker scored off of a penalty kick and assisted Michael Jones in getting the third goal for Hartford in the first half.

Bolton-Warrensburg’s defense held hartford to only one goal in the second half which was scored by Brandan Tyler, unassisted.

Bolton-Warrensburg's offense started landing their shots towards the end of the second half but it was too late. Hartford had already secured the win.

In the second half for Bolton-Warrensburg's, Lewis Lang attained their first goal of the game. Shortly after Dan Cunniffe scored Warrensburg-Bolton’s second, and final, goal of the night.

Hartford is 1-1, 1-1. Bolton-Warrensburg is 1-1, 2-2.

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