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Monday Morning Hot List

It's back!!! Last year one of the most popular segments here on Border Country Sports was the Monday Morning Hot List. My list of who was "Hot" this week in local sports. I am happy to announce that the segment is back for another season as we take a glance at the top performers from the week.

Remember, if you have anyone that you feel is worthy of being named to the weekly list shoot me a message. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of so many players, teams and games myself so I welcome nominees.

Here we go with the first Border Country Sports Monday Morning Hot List for the 2022-2023 season.

-This week's first member of the hot list is Salem girls soccer standout Sophia Keyes. Keyes opened the season with an incredible performance. In a 14-0 win over Saratoga Catholic she scored an amazing eight goals. I am not sure where that ranks in the state record books but I don't recall anyone ever scoring eight goals in a game.

-Speakng of incredible performances, Mill River's Mason Boudreau made his debut with the Minutemen. Boudreau scored three touchdowns and intercepted five passes in a win over Oxbow. Again, is it some kind of record? I have never heard of any player recording five interceptions in a game.

-Chad "C.J." Monty's name will forever live in the record books of the newly merged Granville-Whitehall program. Monty scored in the second quarter on a six yard run for the first ever score in program history.

-Fair Haven's Joe Buxton had a monster game to begin the season. Buxton ran for three toouchdowns, passed for two and intercepted a pass in the Slater's 35-12 victory over U-32.

-The Granville field hockey team is off to a hot start to the season. The Golden Horde have outscored their opponents 14-1 to start the season. Granville defeated Ichabod Crane 6-0 and then cruised past Gloversville 8-1.

-While we are on the subject of the Golden Horde, you need to have some big time scorers to put up 14 goals in two games. Natalie Williams leads Granville in scoring after two games. Williams scored two goals against Ichabod Crane and added a hat trick against Gloversville.

Raegan Swain has three goals on the season. Swain scored twice against Gloversville and once against Ichabod Crane.

Haylie Barber has a goal but has also been a set up person. Barber has three assists against Gloversville and another against Ichabod Crane.

-The Bolton-Warrensburg girls and boys soccer teams are both off to solid starts to the season. Both teams claimed the championship of the Stillwater Tournament.

-Landon Olden made his presence felt in the first game as a merged program for the Warrensburg-Lake George Wolverines. Olden rushed for 155 yards on just four carries, recording TD runs of 49 and 57 yards.

That's the Monday Morning Hot List for this week!

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