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Keith's Saratoga Picks-August 3rd

I haven't been able to do my Saratoga picks for a week of so as I was away on our family vacation in Tennessee. Today I return with my picks and I am hoping I can start putting one or two winners a day in the winner's circle. Although, sometimes with how competitive The Spa is I think one or two successful picks a day is a good day.

The feature race today comes in Race #1, the Jonthan Kaiser Novice for the jumpers. I am not a fan or a follower of the steeplchase races so any picks I make would be a pure guess. So I will stay away from that one.

Here are my picks for the other races today:

Race #2-8-7-6-1

Race #3-2-6-3-4

Race #4-8-5-6

Race #5-1-6-5-4

Race #6-3-7-5-4

Race #7-4-3-6-1

Race #8-6-8-4-5

Race #9-1-2-4-8

Race #10-4-3-11-7

Good luck everyone!

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