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Horde Drop Bowling Opener

The Granville bowling team opened the season with a loss to Corinth 4-0 in a match held at Slate Valley Lanes on Tuesday.

Randy Mandigo had a strong match for the Tomahawks. Mandigo rolled games of 152, 152 and 148 for a 448 series.

Granville's Melanie Bourn was the high bowler in the match. Bourn had a high game of 182 and finished with a 462 triple. She also had games of 155 and 120.

Gavyn Randall added a 420 series for Corinth, bowling games of 142,138,140.

Josh Ketchum fiinished with games of127,105,122 for a 354 triple.

Here are all the scores from the match.

Corinth (2,300)

Randy Mandigo 152,152,144-448

Gavyn Randall 142,138,140-420

Nick Dishon 140,128,102-370

Jaiden Traglia 114,141,109-364

Granville (2,123)

Melanie Bourn 155,187,120-462

Josh Ketchum 127,105,122-354

Schuyler Henry 135,134,81-350

Matt Getty 103,114,129-346

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