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Hartford to Host Argyle Under the Lights in Milk Jug Game

By Keith Harrington

By Keith Harrington

The Hartford Booster Club will host its annual “Under the Lights” varsity soccer game on Sept. 30 at 7 p.m. at the Hartford Central School athletic field. This year’s game will feature the traditional Jug Game between the Tanagers and their rival Argyle Scots.

“This year’s game happens to fall on our Jug Game. This is the fourth year for the Jug Game which happens yearly against Argyle. I hope the boys can bring the jug back home this year,” Jodie Baker of the Hartford Boosters.

The winning team from the Jug Game gets to display the coveted Milk Jug trophy for the next year.

The Booster club has hosted this event since 2018. There wasn’t a night game in 2020 because of Covid. The game was brought back in 2021 with covid restrictions.

“We are very happy to be able to have the event this year,” Baker added.

The game is made possible through the generosity of local businesses who help defray the costs of the lights.

“We are accepting sponsorship in any amount to help fund the lights. Our fundraising efforts have slowed in the last couple years due to Covid restrictions,” Baker said.

The Booster club would like to thank Peckham Materials for the use of their lights at no cost and Joe Thomas for allowing them to rent his lights. J Euber Energy also helps out by suppling the fuel for the lights.

Baker feels that night games provide a better opportunity for many people to come out to a game.

"Night games are fun, and the team enjoys playing under the lights,” Baker explained. “They add a level of intensity and bring more people to the game. A lot of people aren't able to make the regular games because of the time but by seven most people are home and can come down and watch the game.”

Many of the Tanager faithful who attend the night game are attending their only contest of the season. For many it becomes a social event with a chance for old friends to catch up.

“We usually see a lot of community members, teachers, and retirees at the lights game and it’s a lot of fun. We thank everyone for their support in the past and for this year’s game as well. We look forward to seeing everyone,” Baker concluded.

A concession stand will also be available.

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