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Hartford, Corinth/Hadley-Luzurne and Argyle Battle in Cross Country

Corinth/Hadley-Luzerne hosted Hartford and Argyle in a three team Adirondack League cross country meet on Tuesday. Corinth/Hadley-Luzerne swept both the Tanagers and the Scots on the boys and girls side. The Hartford boys topped the incomplete Argyle team. Both the Tanager and Scots girls teams were incomplete.

Noah Springer of Corinth Hadley-Luzerne won the boys race with a time of 17:30.

Hartford's Brynn Tyler rolled to victory in the girls race with a time of a time of 18:52.

Here are the complete results:


Noah Springer CHL17:301.

Jake Durkee Arg17:48

Ashton Tokarski CHL18:02

Paul Granger CHL18:04

.Bryton Madigo Hart18:35.

Hongxu Qian Hart18:46

Dan Perkins CHL 20:17.

Hunter LaCross Hart 20:26

Loghan Palmatier CHL 22:3

.Nic Torino CHL 22:43


Brynn Tyler Hart18:52

Rylee Dunbar CHL19:25

Cooper Jenke CHL 20:25

Erika McGuire CHL 21:08

Erica Siaulnski Arg 21:18

Katelyn Hanlon CHL 21:57

Breanna Wiley CHL 24:27

Lily Stokowski Hart 24:33

Kylie Mattison Arg 39:50

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