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Border Country Sports-November 26th

Good Morning! With the Border Country Sports Report, I'm Keith Harrington.

I am back after a couple of days off to enjoy Thanksgving with my family. I hope you all had a great Thanksgving. My family had a very quiet but enjoyable Thanskgiving.

Yesterday was a banner day for me. Not only was it the fifth wedding anniversary for Cathy and I, I hung out with Cathy, my brother Ken, my three nephews and a couple of their in-laws at a local sports bar eating wings, enjoying some drinks and watching Siena hoops and the World Cup.

With the US World Cup team, Siena, Nebraska football, my beloved Knicks and my cousin Jeremy's son Josh playing for Cambridge-Salem in the Class D state football semifinals it was the ultimate day of sports fandom. Even though Siena fell to Ole Miss and the Knicks totally ticked me off, I was thrilled that Nebraska beat Iowa for the first time in eight years and Cambridge-Salem advanced to the state title game at the JMA Wireless Dome in Syracuse.

And through all of this sports, what about Cathy and celebrating our anniversary? Well, today we are heading to Albany to one of our favorite Chinese restaurants to celebrate. She will never be left out even if it's a day late. Our wedding was on the Saturday after Thanksgiving so it kind of works, right?


VFCA Division I All-Stars

The Vermont Football Coaches Association recently announced their Vermont football all-stars for 2022. Earlier in the week I shared the Division III and Division II selections. Here are the Division I players honored.

First Team

Quarterback: Quinn Murphy, St. Johnsbury; Jack McCoy, BBA; Max Destito, Ollie Cheer, CVU; Quinn Murphy, St. Johnsbury.

Offensive line: Miles Kaplan, Jakob Crossman, BBA; Trey Terricciano, Sean Kennedy, CVU; Peter Armata, Essex; AJ Aldrich, Connor Tierney, Hartford; Tim Whitney, Middlebury; Luke DelBianco, Rutland; Dawson Wilkins, St. Johnsbury.

Tight end: Josh Brown, Essex; Penn Riney, Middlebury.

Wide receiver: Nathan Smilko, BBA; Alex Provost, Jack Sumner, CVU; Jonah Bassett, Rutland; Alex Orozco, Gavynn Kenney-Young, St. Johnsbury.

Running back: Michel Crabtree, BBA; Asher Vaughn, CVU; Tanner Robbins, Essex; Cam Stone, Middlebury.

Kicker: Seb Dostal, BBA; Aidan Morris, CVU; Charlie Bowen, Essex.

Punter: Seb Dostal, BBA.

Returner: Ollie Cheer, CVU.

Defensive line: Trey Terricciano, Lucien Griffin, Connor Simons, Sean Kennedy, CVU; Peter Armata, Josh Brown, Essex; AJ Aldrich, Connor Tierney, Brody Tyberski, Hartford; Penn Riney, Cam Stone, Middlebury; Dawson Wilkins, St. Johnsbury.

Inside linebacker: JT Wright, BBA; Charlie Taylor, CVU; Simon North, St. Johnsbury.

Outside linebacker: Eric Mulroy, BBA; Devon Gamelin, CVU; Angus Blackwell, Middlebury; Jaheim Hughes, Rutland.

Defensive back: Seneca Durocher, BFA-St. Albans; Jack McCoy, BBA; Ollie Cheer, Alex Provost, CVU; Tanner Robbins, Essex; Brayden Trombly, Hartford; Jackson Gillet, Middlebury; Noah McDonald, Seawolves.

Second Team

Quarterback: Charlie Bowen, Essex; Brayden Trombly, Hartford.

Offensive line: James Harrison, BFA-St. Albans; Nathan Brenner BBA; Charlie Taylor, Connor Simons, Lucien Griffin, CVU; Max Spaeder, Joe Reed, Essex; Andrew Keenan, Cole Withington, Hartford; Sawyer Cadoret, Joe Bergevin, Kagen Besser-Jones, Middlebury; Josh Quad, St. Johnsbury.

Tight end: Angus Blackwell, Middlebury.

Wide receiver: Deagan Rathburn, BFA-St. Albans; Trevor Greene, BBA; Jacob Armstrong, Billy Bates, Brian Rutherford, CVU; Carter Bunnell, St. Johnsbury; Taysean Metz, Hunter Johnson, Seawolves.

Running back: Carl Lavallee, BBA; Sean Kelliher, Justin Robinson, Brody Tyberski, Hartford; Cole Schnoor, Middlebury; Sam Paris, Seawolves.

Kicker: Alex Orozco, St. Johnsbury.

Punter: Brian Rutherford, CVU; Cam Stone, Middlebury.

Returner: Jackson Gillett, Middlebury.

Defensive line: Danny Scarlotta, BBA; Carter Davis, Essex; Sawyer Cadoret, Kagen Besser-Jones, Middlebury; Luke DelBianco, Rutland; Lynn Li, St. Johnsbury; Sidiki Sylla, Xavien Breer, Seawolves.

Inside linebacker: Peyton Gray, BBA; Jacob Bose, Daniel Tuigere, CVU; Joe Reed, Carter Crete, Essex; Justin Robinson, Hartford; Gavin McNulty, Middlebury.

Outside linebacker: Jacob Tudor, BBA; Ryan Boehmcke, CVU; Nolan Morse, Hartford; Cole Schnoor, Middlebury; Gavynn Kenney-Young, St. Johnsbury; Andre Bouffard, Seawolves.

Defensive back: Conor McMahon, BBA; Billy Bates, Dylan Frere, Chase Leonard, CVU; Charlie Bowen, Essex; Alex Orozco, Caleb Pontti, St. Johnsbury.

Honorable mention

Quarterback: Seneca Durocher, BFA-St. Albans; Eli Pockette, Rutland.

Offensive lineman: James St. Cyr, CVU; Kyle Stearns, Middlebury; Simon North, St. Johnsbury; James Clancy, Seawolves.

Tight end: Andrew Maneggia, BBA; Carter Crete, Essex.

Wide receiver: Calvin Steele, Aidan Miller, CVU; Caleb Pontti, St. Johnsbury.

Running back: Liam Wood, BFA-St. Albans; Jackson Gillet, Gavin McNulty, Middlebury.

Punter: Michael Schillinger, Rutland.

Returner: Kaleb Gabert, BBA.

Defensive line: Isaac Gratton, BFA-St. Albans; Dominic Decker, BBA; Kenyon Thompson, CVU; Josenuel Torres, Rutland; Josh Quad, St. Johnsbury; Evan Knoth, Seawolves.

Inside linebacker: James Harrison, BFA-St. Albans; Carter Withington, Hartford; Cole Warren, Middlebury; Ethan Wideawake, Rutland; Josh Kelley, St. Johnsbury.

Outside linebacker: Tor Majorell, BBA; Max Destito, Calvin Steele, CVU; Nick Alaire, Essex; Jayden Graham, Rutland; Joe Silver, St. Johnsbury.

Defensive back: Joe Merola, CVU; Ethan Hemingway, Brady Botelho, Essex; Ezra Mock, Hartford; George Devlin, Tucker Morter, Middlebury; Noah Bruttomesso, Rutland; Quinn Murphy, St. Johnsbury, St. Johnsbury.


With the Border Country Sports Report, I'm Keith Harrington.

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