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Border Country Sports-November 23rd

Good Morning! With the Border Country Sports Report, I'm Keith Harrington.

I just want to let everyone know that I will not be writing my blog tomorrow and Friday as I will be taking time off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with my family.

I just want to take a moment to give thanks to all of you for supporting Border Country Sports the past few years. Without my loyal readers there would not be Border Country Sports.

I am also thankful for everyone at NYVT Media. I am looking forward to the new relationship that we are devleoping and can't wait to see where it goes. I believe it is a merger that can be the best in local sports coverage in the very near future.

Happy Thanksgving everyone!


VFCA Division II All-Stars

The Vermont Football Coaches Association recently announced their2022 Vermont State Football All-Stars. Here is a look at the Division II selections.

First Team

Quarterback: Jamison Nystrom, Bellows Falls; Devin Speno, Brattleboro; Joe Buxton, Fair Haven; Tanner Bushee, MAU.

Offensive line: Jake Moore, Dylan Perry, Bellows Falls; Matt Fournier, Colchester; David Doran, Fair Haven; Connor Barrett, MAU; Jordan D’Amico, MMU.

Tight end: Jackson Emery, Brattleboro; Braeden Billert, MAU.

Wide receiver: Tristan Evans, Brattleboro; Carson Babbie, Fair Haven; Carter Thompson, MAU; Wyatt Descheneau, No. Country.

Running back: Caden Haskell, Walker James, Bellows Falls; Caleb Levasseur, Colchester; Ayman Naser, MAU; Daniel Yaeger, U-32.

Athlete: Josh Worthington, MAU; Hayden Boivin, No. Country; Zack Wilson, Spaulding; Crosse Gariboldi, U-32.

Kicker: Jamison Nystrom, Bellows Falls; Luke Bleau, MAU.

Punter: Jamison Nystrom, Bellows Falls; Aiden Boyd, U-32.

Returner: Cam Frost, Brattleboro, Matai Callahan, Colchester.

Defensive line: Trenton Rumrill, Bellows Falls; Matt Fournier, Colchester; David Doran, Joey Notte, Fair Haven; Braeden Billert, MAU; Jordan D’Amico, MMU; Zack Wilson, Spaulding.

Inside linebacker: Caden Haskell, Bellows Falls; Josh Curtis, Brattleboro; Tyler Thibodeau, Aaron Johnson, MAU.

Outside linebacker: Tim Kendall, Fair Haven; Ayman Naser, MAU; Cal Davis, U-32.

Defensive back: Jamison Nystrom, Bellows Falls; Tristan Evans, Brattleboro; Jake Sanville, Lyndon; Josh Worthington, MAU; Wyatt Descheneau, Tate Parker, No. Country; Izzy Cruz, U-32.

Second team

Quarterback: Watson Laffoon, No. Country.

Offensive line: Jett Emery, Brattleboro; Peter Kamel, Bellows Falls; Isaac Karlin, Noah Toof, Colchester; Ty Mackie, Fair Haven; Quentin Thomas, Lyndon; Riley Britch, Ian White, MAU; Spencer Meachem, MMU; Luke Nielsen, Andrew Fletcher, No. Country; Jaquan Johnson, Spaulding; Aiden Boyd, U-32.

Tight end: Mason Cardinal, Colchester; Phil Bean, Fair Haven; Cal Davis, U-32.

Wide receiver: Luke Subin-Billingsley, MMU; Trey Lee, Fair Haven; Tyler Whitcomb, Spaulding

Running back: Noah Perusse, Brattleboro; Billy Lussier, Fair Haven; Jake Sanville, Lyndon; Justin Young, No. Country; Gabe Hoar, Spaulding; Tae Rossmassler, U-32.

Athlete: Cam Frost, Brattleboro; Matai Callahan, Colchester; Tim Kendall, Fair Haven; Nashua Poor, MMU.

Kicker: Jordan Allembare, Brattleboro; Kole Matta, Fair Haven.

Punter: Joe Buxton, Fair Haven.

Returner: Jamison Nystrom, Bellows Falls; Wyatt Descheneau, No. Country.

Defensive line: Jaxon Clark, Bellows Falls; Justin Packard, Brattleboro; Isaac Karlin, Cam Barron, Colchester; Max Kyhill, Fair Haven; Connor Barrett, MAU; Owen Ackerman, MMU; Evan Ballinger, No. Country; Jaquan Johnson, Spaulding; Eddie Sayers, U-32.

Inside linebacker: Dylan Perry, Bellows Falls; Nate Jones, Fair Haven; Phil Gulizio, MMU; Mark Guebara, No. Country; Daniel Yaeger, Aiden Boyd, U-32.

Outside linebacker: Cole Moore, Bellows Falls; Charlie Clark, Brattleboro; Billy Lussier, Fair Haven; Ashton Gould, Lyndon; Aidan McCormack, MMU; Cooper Wheeler, No. Country.

Defensive back: Walker James, Eli Allbee, Bellows Falls; Jack Cady, Brattleboro; Matai Callahan, Shane Mobley, Colchester; Trey Lee, Carson Babbie, Fair Haven; Tanner Bushee, MAU; Luke Subin-Billingsley, Nashua Poor, MMU; Ben Hiscock, Spaulding.

Honorable mention

Offensive line: Justin Packard, Brattleboro; Jonah Recicar, Colchester; Gabe Bache, Cooper Spaulding; Fair Haven; Landon Quackenbush, Chris Wilder, MAU; Nolan Myers, Jacob Ashman, No. Country.

Tight end: Cole Moore, Bellows Falls.

Wide receiver: Eli Allbee, Bellows Falls; Hunter Bove, U-32.

Running back: Brady Levasseur, Colchester; Colby Simpson, Lyndon; Phil Guilzio, MMU.

Athlete: Nick Chicoine, Colchester; Tate Parker, No. Country.

Punter: Evan Ballinger, No. Country.

Returner: Tate Parker, No. Country.

Defensive line: Peter Kamel, Noah Simino, Bellows Falls; Jett Emery, Brattleboro; Phil Bean, Frankie Hoover, Fair Haven; Sean MacDonald, Tyrese Pratt, MAU.

Inside linebacker: Skyler Lamphere, Michael O’Callaghan, Colchester; Zach Corbeil, Brattleboro; Luke Nielsen, No. Country; Landin Larabee, Jon Marcellus, Spaulding.

Outside linebacker: Jake Moore, Bellows Falls, Malakai Callahan, Colchester; Dakoda Clark, No. Country.

Defensive back: Cam Cruz, James Davies, Brattleboro; Joe Buxton, Fair Haven; Cam Berry, Lyndon; Carter Thompson, MAU; Watson Laffoon, No. Country.


With the Border Country Sports Report, I'm Keith Harrington.

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