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Border Country Sports-November 22nd

Good Morning! With the Border CoAmber Gibbsuntry Sports Report, I'm Keith Harrington.

NYVT Media Sports Show to Return

I am proud to announce that the NYVT Media Sports Show with your truly Keith Harrington as the host will return soon. I know many of you enjoyed the interview show with local student-athletes and coaches. We have had some staff changes at NYVT Media which caused a delay in getting the show off the ground this year, but today I am scheduled to record the first segment of the year.

Joining me on the upcoming edition of the show will Granville cross-country runner Amber Gibbs. Gibbs recently competed for the first time at the New York State Cross-Country championship meet.

Gibbs won the Adirondack League championship meet and went unbeaten on the season in league contests. She was named the Adirondack League MVP on the girls side and placed fifth in the Class C sectionals.

Stay tuned for more information on when the return of the show will be available for viewing.


Locals Named to VFCA Al-Stars

The Vermont Football Coaches Association has named their 2022 football all-stars for the State of Vermont, and several local players were recognized. Today we look at the Division IIi All-Stars.

Quarterback: Cooper Harvey, BFA-Fairfax/Lamoille; Chase Lund, Oxbow; Dallas St. Peter, Rice; Carson Clark, Springfield; Maison Fortin, Windsor.

Offensive line: Jared McGee, Eli Phelps, Mill River; Caleb Russell, Mt. Abe; Wyatt Fitzgerald, Otter Valley; Christian Ditcheos, Oxbow; Owen Messineo, Rice; Cole Wright, Trevor Carl, Springfield; Bradley Bowers, Windsor; Hudson Maxham, Woodstock.

Tight end: Isaac Whitney, Otter Valley.

Wide receiver: Mason Boudreau, Mill River; Ian Funke, Mt. Abe; Peyton Book, Poultney; Kaiden Quinn, Rice; Tanner Gintof, Springfield.

Running back: Shaun Gibson, BFA-Fairfax; Jamison Couture, Mt. Abe; Keevon Parks, Otter Valley; Mathias Mazanti, Rice; Luke Stocker, Springfield; Logan Worrall, Windsor; Caden Perreault, Willie Underwood, Woodstock.

Kicker: Ian Funke, Mt. Abe; Chase Lund, Oxbow.

Punter: Chase Lund, Oxbow.

Returner: Travis McAllister, Windsor.

Defensive line: Matt Verboncoeur, BFA-Fairfax; Jared McGee, Eli Phelps, Mill River; Caleb Russell, Jamison Couture, Mt. Abe; Isaac Whitney, Otter Valley; Hunter Fahey, Oxbow; Colton Merchant, Rice; Cole Wright, Springfield; Charles Palmer, Tydus Percy, Windsor; Willie Underwood, Woodstock.

Linebacker: Shaun Gibson, Charles Czapski, BFA-Fairfax; Keevon Parks, Otter Valley; Chase Lund, Oxbow; Mathias Mazanti, Rice; Luke Stocker, Carson Clark, Springfield; Maison Fortin, Logan Worrall, Windsor; Conner Dinn, Woodstock.

Defensive back: Copper Harvey, BFA-Fairfax; Mason Boudreau, Mill River; Ian Funke, Mt. Abe; Caleb Whitney, Otter Valley; Jaxon Griffin, Oxbow; Peyton Book, Poultney; Kaiden Quinn, Rice; Tanner Gintof, Springfield; Caden Perreault, Woodstock.

Second team

Quarterback: Anthony Cavalieri, Mill River; Zeke Dubois, Mt. Abe; Caleb Whitney, Otter Valley.

Offensive line: Aidan Fisher, BFA-Fairfax; Luciano Falco, Otter Valley; Ryland Begnoche, Hunter Fahey, Oxbow; Hub Susnoff, Poultney; Coleton Merchant, Patrick Sawyer, Rice; Charles Palmer, Avery Bean, Windsor; Holden Laramie, Woodstock.

Tight end: Clayton Kessop, Poultney; Rodger Petermann, Windsor.

Wide receiver: Adam Shum, Mill River; Tyler White, Mt. Abe; Tucker Babcock, Otter Valley.

Running back: Charles Czapski, BFA-Fairfax; Phil Severy, Mill River; Will Ilsley, Oxbow; Travis McAllister, Windsor; Vincent Petron, Woodstock.

Kicker: Olivia MacLeay, Windsor.

Punter: Ian Funke, Mt. Abe; Craig Baptie, Poultney.

Returner: Shaun Gibson, BFA-Fairfax; Lucas Allen, Mt. Abe.

Defensive line: Wyatt Fitzgerald, Otter Valley; Hub Susnoff, Poultney; James Strouse, Peter Harris, Rice; Trevor Carl, Springfield; Vance Martin, Windsor; Chance Palmer, Ryan Woodward, Woodstock.

Linebacker: Aidan Fisher, BFA-Fairfax; Phil Severy, Adam Shum, Mill River; Jordan McDowell, Tyler White, Lucas Allen, Mt. Abe; Clayton Kessop, Jak Anderson, Poultney; Travis McAllister, Windsor; Cody Bartlett, Woodstock.

Defensive back: Luke St. Peter, Rice; Brody Osgood, Corey Lockwood, Windsor.

Honorable mention

Offensive line: Payton Mastin, Kenyon Burke, Milton; Gerritt Beenan, James Buskey, Spencer White, Tyson Hallock, Mt. Abe; Casey Gabe, Charlie Duncan, Poultney.

Wide receiver: Sam Plouffe, Milton; Chase Razanouski, Luca Polli, Otter Valley.

Running back: Omar Moran, Milton; Lucas Allen, Mt. Abe; Nikk Schwarz, Oxbow; Craig Baptie, Lucas Welch, Jak Anderson, Poultney; Gavin Martin, Windsor.

Kicker: Hugh Johnson, BFA-Fairfax.

Defensive line: Gavin Turin, Mill River, Shawn Bennett, Milton; Gabe Casey, Poultney.

Linebacker: Justin McGregor, Omar Moran, Nick Poulin, Milton; Owen Messineo, Nolan Worgan, Rice.

Defensive back: Hugh Johnson, BFA-Fairfax; Toby Pytlik, Mill River; Addison Tenny, Hayden Atherton, Milton; Tegan Capman, Poultney; Eric Poso, Rice; Dylan Priestley, Springfield.

Greg Baltch of Windsor was named Division III Coach of the Year. Balch was also recently named as the coach for the 2022 Vermont Maple Sugar Bowl team.


With the Border ountry Sports Report, I'm Keith Harrington.

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