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Border Country Sports Looking for Intern Writers

Are you a high school or college aged student who has thought about being a sportswriter? If your answer is yes, Border County Sports is looking for you. We are looking for students to enter our Border Country Sports Intern Program for the 2021-2022 high school sports season.

Border Country Sports is looking to expand and we need to add writers. What better way to produce more content than to mentor aspiring sportswriters.

If you are a student at an Adirondack League school or at one of the Vermont schools that we cover, Border Country Sports would love to have you join us. Maybe you are a local college student who enjoys sports and previously attended or even played for an Adirondack League or SVL school?

The Border Country Sports internship would consist of you attending games at local schools, taking notes, and then writing a story about the game to post on our website. You could interview coaches and players after the games to get some quotes to add to your story. If you have a good camera and take some pictures we would add them to your story and give you photo credit.

The goal is to get a student intern from each Adirondack League and SVL school that Border Country Sports covers, so if you are interested feel free to reach out. Who knows? Maybe you will decide to go on and pursue a sportswriter or blogger someday.

If you are interested email me, Keith Harrington at

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