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Border Country Sports Blog-September 6th

Good Morning! With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington.

Monday Morning Hot List and Podcat to Return

Two popular segments of Border Country Sports will return starting next week. Both the Monday Morning Hot List and Border Country Sports Podcast will make their return beginning next Monday.

The Monday Morning Hot list is something I started last year. Every Monday I wil list some of the local high school athletes who were "Hot" with outstanding performances during the week.

Te Border Country Podcast will feature a look back at the previous week's action in the Adirondack and Southern Vermont leagues. I also hope to hve weekly interviews with local athletes and coaches.

Stay tune to Border Country Sports for more information.


Sobotka Wins Vermont 200

After being crowned the track champion at the Brewerton Speedway Zach Sobotka made the long trek to Devil's Bowl Sppedway Sunday. He made the trip worth while. Sobotka will head back west with $10,000 plus a large portion of the over $7,000 in lap money as he crossed the line first to win the Vermont 200.

Sobotka started 24 and worked his way to the top 10 before the halfway break.

"This thing handles perfrect right not," Sobotka told Justin St. Louis during the break period.

It turned out to be forshadowing of what was to come as Sobotka raced to the point and overcame difficult lap traffic and pressure from Marc Johnson to hold on for the win that he called "probably the best win I've ever had."

Here are the complete results:

Sportsman Modified Feature - 200 Laps

1. 38 Zach Sobotka - Parish, NY - $12,892

2. 33J Marc Johnson - Guilderland, NY

3. 54 Tim LaDuc - Orwell, VT

4. 15 Adam Pierson - East Corinth, VT

5. 22H Tim Hartman, Jr. - Glenville, NY

1. 91 Scott Holcomb - North Granby, CT

2. 17 Chris Donnelly - Piermont, NH

3. 1D Wayne Stearns - Bradford, VT

4. 31B Clay Dow - Barnstead, NH

5. 69K Floyd Billington - South Glens Falls, NY

Friend Construction 500cc Mini Sprint Overall Finish (3 10-lap segments)

1. 723 Ray Hanson - Orwell, VT - 7 points

2. 10 John Smith - Poultney, VT - 10 points

3. 17 Kaidin White - Monkton, VT - 11 points

4. 54 Roger LaDuc - Orwell, VT - 13 points

5. 8 Scott Bachand - St. Albans, VT - 17 points


With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington

Photo Credit-Devil's Bowl Speedway

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