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Border Country Sports Blog-June 21st

Good Morning! With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington.

SVL Names All-Opponent Teams

The coaches of the Southern Vermont League Schools recently named the 2022 spring sports SVL All-Opponent teams. Several Border Country Sports area players were recognized for their strong seasons.

West Rutland softball was the only local team that won a state title, and the Golden Horde were well represented. Peyton Guay, Samara Raiche and Arianna Coombs all were selected from the state champions to the C Division First Team.

Poultney’s Kaylah Bennett and Elizabeth Woodbury also were named to the First Team.

Locals earning Honorable mention were: Kennah Wright-Chapman, Aubrey Beaulieu, West Rutland; Laura Winter, Kate DeBonis, Poultney.

Laci French, Angel Traverse, Rhi Lubaszewski and Jasmine Traverse.made the team D Division First Team from Proctor.

Mill River’s Alexis Secoy also made the First Team.

Earning Honorable Mention were: Cadence Goodwin, Isabel Greb, Maggie McKearin, Jenna Davine, Meghan Cole of Proctor.

Proctor's Abby Bennett shared Coah of the Year honors with Woodstock’s Angela Allard.

In B Division Softball Otter Valley’s Riley Keith was named to the First Team along with Mercedes Cathcart and Jaylena Haley of Fair Haven.

Earning Honorable mention were: Marissa Connors, Alice Keith, Ryleigh LaPorte of Otter Valley.

Otter Valley’s Kelly Trayah was named Coach of the Year.

Samera Rideout, Alyssa Kennedy and Kayla Stevens were named to the A Division First Team from Rutland.

Raiders earnng Honorable Mention were: Tamara Sabotka, Katelyn Velde, Alivia Morris.

Rutland’s Dick Wright was named Coach of the Year.

Locals dominated the baseball D Divison selections. Named to the First Team were Proctor’s Jacob Patch and Cam Cannucci, Mount St. Joseph’s TJ Euber, Dom Valente and Braedon McKeighan, West Rutland’s Caden Reed Gus Cuvarrubias and Noah Olson and Poultney’s Lucas Milazzo, Liam Hill and Hagen McDermott.

Second team selections were: Lucas Merrill, Aaron Brock, Dylan Aiker, Proctor; David Franzoni, Kyle Costales, Kyle McGinnis, MSJ; Jeff Tedesco, Garrett Owens, Andrew Bailey, West Rutland; Tait Capman, Jayden Mead, Poultney.

MSJ’s Mike Callahan was named Coach of the Year.

Locals named to the B Division First Team were Otter Valley’s Jordan Beayon and Ethan Blow and Fair Haven’s Carson Babbie and Sawyer Ramey.

Fair Haven's Ethan Kelley, Matt Heibler, Kyle James and Otter Valley's Luca Polli and Ben Adams were named to the SEcond Team.

Jevan Valente and Tyler Weatherhogg earned First Team Honors for Division A.

Chase de Castro, Anders Lowkes made the Second Team from the Raiders.


With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington.

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