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Border Country Sports Blog-August 30th

Good Morning! With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington.

Well everyone, we made it through the summer. Starting today the Border Country Sports Blog is back full-time. I will be back to blogging daily now after only writing a couple of days a week during the summer break.

I also have some new content that will be coming your way, but I will wait to share that. I am also still looking for correspondents from the Adirondack League and Southern Vermont schools so that we can expand our conent. Feel free to reach out if you would like to be a Border Country Sports intern.


Granville Football Gearing Up for the Season

Saturday I was up early in the morning so that I could stop by Granville football practice before heading off to Saratoga to catch The Travers. Coach John Irion and his staff were putting the Golden Horde through their paces as they prepare for the season. The veteran mentor is pleased with what he has seen so far.

"The team is looking better than I thought they might. As a whole group they are giving their best with very little slacking off. Their progress is tremendous already," Irion said.

Granville lost their entire starting backfield to graduation, but the replacements have been impressive in the first week of practice. Junior Alex Torres and RJ Monger are competing for the right to replace Myles Pauquette as the signal caller.

Matt Barlow and Nick Crum seem to be the early frontrunners at the running back positions, but Irion likes to rotate in a lot of backs. Tommy McMahon, RJ Monger when he isn’t quarterbacking, Jack Russo, Will Makepeace, Ethan Gibbs as well as two freshmen-Tim Pratt and Trey Mason who have been pleasant surprises. Dylan Procella could be the fullback. He was the backup to Logan Beebe last year.

One of the biggest challenges Irion and his staff face is the same every season.

"The same as every year in terms of putting the players in their best positions to help our team. Also, trying to condition to as high a level as possible because of the issues in sports for the last year and a half and knowing we will have many two-way players as well as most teams because numbers are low."

Granville will travel to a scrimmage against Corinth/Hadley-Luzerne this Saturday. The newly formed Mountaineers are coched by former Granville coach Brian Bowe. The Golden orde will meet Chatham in the opener the following week.

As a side note, three Golden Horde players, Alix Prouty, Ben Chilkott and Cody Rice are playing for the Castleton Spartans this season.


Saturday NIght's Devil's Bowl Results

Another great night of racing is in the books at Devil's Bowl Speedway. Here are the results of this weekend's action:

1. 60 Jimmy Ryan - Shoreham, VT 2. 54 Tim LaDuc - Orwell, VT 3. 78 Vince Quenneville - Brandon, VT 4. 73 Kevin Chaffee - Bradford, VT 5. 51 Justin Comes - Middlebury, VT

O'Reilly Auto Parts Limited Sportsman - Feature - 25 Laps 1. 13 Troy Audet - Bridport, VT 2. 51 Austin Comes - Middlebury, VT 3. 69 Dakota Green - Cambridge, NY 4. 00 Beau Reeves - Plattsburgh, NY 5. 60 Randy Ryan - Orwell, VT

Super Stock - Feature - 20 Laps 1. M7 Chris Murray - Fair Haven, VT 2. 55 Andrew FitzGerald - West Rutland, VT 3. 2X Josh Bussino - Fair Haven, VT 4. 3B Paul Braymer - Granville, NY 5. 22 Mark Norris - Benson, VT

Mini Stock - Feature - 15 Laps 1. 1X Austin McKirryher - Proctor, VT 2. 27 Adam Mahoney - Rutland, VT 3. 27X Brian Blake - Cornwall, VT 4. 6 Scott Chandler - Pittsford, VT 5. 78 Chris Conroy - Newport, NH

Mini Stock - B-Main - 10 Laps 1. 73 Willie Rice - Poultney, VT 2. 11 T.J. Knight - Wells, VT 3. 426 Cody Dion - Rutland, VT 4. 2 Dave LaBarge - South Glens Falls, NY 5. 70 Hunter Clark - Salisbury, VT

Friend Construction 500cc Mini Sprint - Feature - 15 Laps 1. 42JR Kamden Duffy - Richmond, NH 2. 11A Gage Provencer - Bridport, VT 3. 67 Kevin Smith - Brandon, VT 4. 17 Kaidin White - Monkton, VT 5. 73 Vern Woodard - Fair Haven, VT


With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington.

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