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Border Country Sports Blog-April 17th

Good Morning! With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington.

It seems to be a little early to start thinking about the high school football season. However, looking out the window on this Easter morning it does seem a little like football weather. Section II this week announced the 2022 High School football schedule.

All of the Adirondack League schools that we cover here at Border Country Sports will play as merged programs this year. Former heated rivals Granville and Whitehall will be merged for the first time. Lake George and Warrensburg will also be merged this year. Both of those teams will play in Class C.

Corinth, Hadley-Luzerne and Fort Edward will also play as a merged progra this fall. They will play in Class D, as will Cambridge-Salem.

Class C will be made up of 16 teams seperated into two divisions. Our local teams will play in Class C North. Granville-Whitehall and Lake George-Warrensburg will be joined by Schuylerville, Stillwater, Hoosick Falls-Tamarac, Mechanicville-Hoosic Valley, Rensselaer-Loudonville Christian, Watervliet.

Class D will have one eight team division. Along with local teams Cambridge-Salem and Corinth/Hadley-Luzerne/Fort Edward, Class D will include Greenwich, Cairo-Durham/Catskill*, Canajoharie-Fort Plain, Chatham, Helderberg Valley, Voorheesville.

Corinth/Hadley-Luzerne/Fort Edward will not be playoff eligible as they are playing down a division from where they typically would be.

Here are the schedules for our Border Country coverage area teams.


Sept. 10 — vs. Lake George-Warrensburg

Sept. 16 — at Schuylerville

Sept. 24 — vs. Hoosick Falls-Tamarac

Oct. 1 — vs. Mechanicville-Hoosic Valley

Oct. 7 — at Stillwater

Oct. 15 — vs. Watervliet

Oct. 21 — at Rensselaer

Oct. 28-29 — playoffs/crossovers

Nov. 4-5 — playoffs/crossovers

Lake George-Warrensburg

Sept. 10 — at Granville-Whitehall

Sept. 16 — at Rensselaer

Sept. 23-24 — vs. Mechanicville-Hoosic Valley

Sept. 30 — at Stillwater

Oct. 7-8 — vs. Hoosick Falls-Tamarac

Oct. 14 — at Schuylerville

Oct. 21-22 — vs. Watervliet

Oct. 28-29 — playoffs/crossovers

Nov. 4-5 — playoffs/crossovers


Sept. 9 — at Chatham

Sept. 16 — at Canajoharie-Fort Plain

Sept. 24 — vs. Helderberg Valley

Sept. 30 — at Greenwich

Oct. 8 — vs. Voorheesville

Oct. 14-15 — at Corinth/H-L/FE

Oct. 22 — vs. Cairo-Durham/Catskill

Oct. 28-29 — crossovers

Nov. 4-5 — playoffs/crossovers

Corinth/Hadley-Luzerne/Fort Edward

Sept. 9-10 — vs. Voorheesville

Sept. 16-17 — vs. Chatham

Sept. 23 — at Cairo-Durham/Catskill

Sept. 30 — at Canajoharie-Fort Plain

Oct. 7-8 — vs. Helderberg Valley

Oct. 14-15 — vs. Cambridge-Salem

Oct. 21 — at Greenwich

Oct. 28-29 — crossovers

Nov. 4-5 — playoffs/crossovers

The countdown is officially on!


With the Border Country Sports Blog, I'm Keith Harrington.

Photo Credit-Stacie Arnhold

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