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ADK Runners Show Well at Burnt Hills Invitational

By Keith Harrington

Several Adirondack League teams competed at the annual Burnt Hills Invitational cross country meet on Saturday at the Saratoga Performing Art Center. The event is one of the areas largest with over 100 schools entered in four varsity categories. Over 800 runners participated in the varsity races alone. There were also modifed, freshman and junior varsity races.

Amber Gibbs of Granville-Whitehall was the highest placing Adirondack League runner. Gibbs finished 10th in the Division II girls event with a time of 20:28.8.

The top finishing boy from the Adirondack League was James Richard of Lake George in the Division I event. Richards placed 21st with a time of 18:04.0.

Hartford's Brynn Tyler was the highest finishing runner in the girls Division I race with a time of 21.29.3.

In the Division II boys race Granville's Quinn Johnson was the highest ADK finisher with a 58th place finish with a time of 18:31.

The Lake George boys placed third in Division I behind Tri-Valley and Sauqoit Valley.

The Lake George girls were seventh in the Division I race as a team.

Runners in the top 70 finishers earned medals. Other ADK boys earning medals were James Ludlow of Lake George, Liam Fahey Stack of Lake George, Sam Burns of Lake George, Caden Willett of Lake George, Brendan Battersea-Manna of Lake George, Oliver Herrick of Lake George, Cameron Hoffis of Lake George, Ayden Higgins of North Warren-Johnsburg, Hunter Lacross of Hartford, and Bryton Mandigo of Hartford.

ADK girls earning medals were Taylor Syvertsen of Lake George, Layla Johnston of Lake George, Kara Tucker of North Warren-Johnsburg, Kayla Grant of Lake George, and Sophie Unkauf of Lake George, Samantha Savage of Corinth-Hadley-Luzerne, Rylee Dunbar og Corinth-Hadley-Luzerne and Haley-Potavin of Corinth-Hadley-Luzerne.

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